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  • Storyteller in short

    I am writing a WordPress plugin I call “Storyteller”. It combines all tags on a website into a custom Simili Tags, then, look for all posts that share 2 or more tags and at least 1 image. I combine tags & image ids into super-tags called a Storyline, with posts being Stories. You could market […]

  • This Website

    is different… – Simple Menu/Categories: who, what so far. Snippet-like posts. Content uses tag words – I fill in the tag base & use auto-tagging to tag posts – I will write a plugin that shows all the snippets related to a thing. Like, me. – Semiotics. I’m blind but I have a few simple […]

  • My Process

    Due to blindness, I developed a process to minimize errors. – I work with hosts to craete & update a Staging & sometimes Development copy of a website – I use the FTP software WinSCP for Staging & Development sites, and Filezilla for the Live site. This way I wouldn’t accidentally update a Live site. […]

  • Disclaimers

    It’s amazing that I’m a blind Web Developer. But you need to be aware: – I am not fast. It takes 4-5x longer to do work blind. I debug the old-fashioned way. I make typos. – I require client help in QA. I cannot see what my pages look like & strangers may not know […]

  • My Skills

    Languages: PHP, Python. CMS: WordPress, Drupal. Frameworks: Zurb Foundation. WordPress: Custom post types. Custom Taxonomy & Tag bases. Shortcodes. Action Hooks & Filters. Themes. Plugins. SEO. Image Mgmt. Hosting: Domains, hosting, emails.

  • Buzzwords

    Work Flow – in addition to what you see on a web page, I set up & write code to handle the manual labor it takes to run the website. I have to analyze business process, availability of staff, the work it takes to close a transaction w/clients, security, life-cycle, data mgmt. Migration – I […]

  • Link to my most recent work

    San Francisco Cable Cars Streetcar.org cablecars San Francisco Streetcars Streetcar.org Streetcars Note: The Streetcar fleet page is #4 or #5 on Google Page 1 for phrases Streetcar or Street cars

  • My most recent project

    I revamped www.streetcar.org Cable car & Street car fleet & individual car pages. Full & scaled images based on Featured images. I crated shortcodes, moving away from template pages. I made it so editors can add a car & see it immediately appear in a Fleet category & next/previous links. The Next/Prev links are custom, […]

  • Web Developer since 2003

    I write  in PHP. I coded WordPress, Drupal, Zurb Foundation. I also do Python. My specialties are: Workflow (back-office, back-end & front-end). Data Migration. Taxonomy, light-weight Statistics & Analytics using Standard Deviation. My current project is a novel expansion of Taxonomy & Tag paradigms based on Ontology. I am building it on a copy of […]

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