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Simili – Gnosis apó kósmo – knowledge from the Internet

Welcome Page

Welcome friends.

Glad you came by. I am working to release a major demo on Simili Technology for later this month or early March.

Who am I?

I am a Web Developer, blind since 2019 due to Retinitis Pigmentosa.

And after a year re-learning my craft, I am now a blind coder, building a revolutionary technology called Simili.

Simili is a search and discover technology based on automatically-generated trees.

What’s coming?

I am working on a major demo for a WordPress plugin, Simili Trees.

The Tree Paradigm

WordPress comes out of the box with a blank tree called Category and a tag base called Post Tags.

Simili Trees add automated trees based on a site’s tags.

This is a new Tree Paradigm. Let your readers see and engage your site in a brand new way, through its stories.

How it works, in 5 words or less

Seriously? I can’t do that!

How it works, in 5 words or more

The plugin analyzes a website’s categories, posts and tags, profiling the structure and crunching the numbers.

The demo will feature 3 trees, Simili Classic, Athena Find and & Athena Discover.

Simili Classic

Athena Discover. is a tag-based tree with wide branches, giving you more to explore.

Athena Find. The same as Athena Discover but more strict, with shorter branches.

The Simili Browser is Ajaxy. Each post result is rated by how much it matches side-wide, type-wide, branch-wide and category narratives.

A tag tree is superior to hand-made Categories bcause it groups posts by context and narrative, identified by intense number crunching.

Conventional Trees are link-centric, each link appearing once.

Simili Trees are branch-centric. Each Branch is a mini-tree, and links may appear many times, in different sequence. Each link is a member of a branch, so though they look like their cousings in another branch, they are contextually different and have a different set of posts.

Each Branch is its own narrative, each link showing only posts that fit in that narrative

The idea is, if you click WordPress>The Blind Guy

If you click The Blind Guy>WordPress, you will see posts showing that the Blind Guy has WordPress experience among other skills.

The Really big Idea

The plugin is the client-side version of a new Search Engine that will serve many WordPress sites. And eventually, the entire Internet

The plugin analyzes a Website’s content and builds a collection of automated trees from tags.

Starting with a WordPress plugin